2022 All Sunflower League Boys Soccer Selections

Players and Coach of the Year Awards

Forward of the Year: Gage Daniels, Senior, Olathe West

Midfielder of the Year: Nico Pendelton, Senior, Mill Valley

Defender of the Year: Owen Peachee, Senior Mill Valley

Goalkeeper of the Year: Cole Morris, Senior, Olathe West

Coach of the Year: Jason Pendelton, Mill Valley

League Champion: Mill Valley, Record of 11-1-1

First Team All Sunflower League Boys Soccer

Gage Akalu  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe North
Dylan Ashford  Senior  Forward  Mill Valley
Ben Barnett  Senior  Goalkeeper  Lawrence Free State
Aidan Boehmer  Junior  Forward  Olathe East
Chilton Bondurant  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Gil Brown  Junior  Midfielder  Gardner Edgerton
Ben Carter  Senior  Goalkeeper  Olathe East
Quinn Chambon  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission North
Brevyn Cole  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe South
Noah Conover  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe Northwest
Wesley Cribb  Junior  Defender  Shawnee Mission East
Gage Daniels  Senior  Forward  Olathe West
Adam Darst  Senior  Defender  Olathe East
Sam Delong  Junior  Defender  Olathe West
Soren Dujakovich  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission West
Marek Gregory  Senior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission South
Sergio Hernandez  Sophomore  Forward  Shawnee Mission West
Nick Hodson  Senior  Defender  Mill Valley
Jack Lucas  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission East
Christian Martinez  Senior  Forward  Olathe Northwest
Trey Mckee  Junior  Midfielder  Olathe West
Cole Morris  Senior  Goalkeeper  Olathe West
Phil Mutantika  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission West
Corbin Newell  Senior  Defender  Olathe South
Owen Peachee  Senior  Defender  Mill Valley
Nico Pendleton  Senior  Midfielder  Mill Valley
Beck Rettenmaier  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission East
Nestor Reyes  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Colin Riley  Senior  Goalkeeper  Mill Valley
Sam Safly  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission West
Cale Scott  Senior  Forward  Lawrence
Jaxon Slaven  Senior  Forward  Olathe South


Second Team All Sunflower League Boys Soccer

Ashton Adrian  Junior  Midfielder  Gardner Edgerton
Braxton Arpachinda  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe West
Emerson Bihuniak  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission East
Brooks Borgman  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Parker Bumgarner  Senior  Defender  Olathe West
Carson Cole  Senior  Midfielder  Lawrence
Diego Dinneny  Junior  Forward  Olathe South
Kael Drummond  Junior  Midfielder  Mill Valley
Charlie Duske  Senior  Goalkeeper  Shawnee Mission East
Diego Erives  Senior  Forward  Gardner Edgerton
Colin Gann  Senior  Forward  Olathe Northwest
Marco Hernandez  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission West
Utah Hester  Junior  Defender  Lawrence Free State
Hank Himmelberg  Senior  Defender  Olathe East
Payson Hoffstatter  Junior  Forward  Olathe East
Gavin Hudnall  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe Northwest
Ayden Jarvis  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe South
Noah Keleman  Junior Defender  Olathe West
Alex Kohl  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe South
Jack LaVergne  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission South
Avean Lor  Senior  Goalkeeper  Shawnee Mission North
Blaine McGinnis  Senior Defender  Shawnee Mission West
Matt Morgan  Senior  Defender  Mill Valley
Caleb Munsayakham  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Elijah Panjada  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission North
Brady Robins  Sophomore  Midfielder  Mill Valley
Manuel Romero  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission West
Colin Sandefur  Senior  Midfielder  Lawrence
Brent Scoma  Junior  Defender  Olathe North
Dylan Segovia  Junior  Midfielder  Olathe East
Ike Sheets  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission East
Luke Shideler  Senior  Forward  Mill Valley
Morgan Spilker  Junior  Defender  Olathe North
Charlie Thompson  Senior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission West
Damon Walter  Junior  Midfielder  Olathe West
JJ Zheng  Sophomore  Midfielder  Lawrence Free State
Leo Zuniga-Navarro  Senior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission South


Honorable Mention All Sunflower League Boys Soccer

Skyler Anderson  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Axel Bengoa  Senior  Defender  Lawrence Free State
Kaleb Bohon  Senior  Defender  Olathe South
Joel Bollinger  Senior  Defender  Shawnee Mission West
Will Boyd  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission North
Josh Cambambia  Sophomore  Midfielder  Olathe North
Ocean Comfort  Junior  Midfielder  Lawrence
Luke DeAngelis  Freshman  Goalkeeper  Shawnee Mission West
Wilson del cid Sanchez  Senior  Goalkeeper  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Rodolfo Delgado  Sophomore  Defender  Shawnee Mission South
Codey Geis  Senior  Midfielder  Mill Valley
Jack Gilmore  Senior Midfielder  Mill Valley
Ryan Grinstead  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission East
Luke Holzinger  Junior  Defender  Olathe Northwest
Quinn Hooper  Junior  Defender  Shawnee Mission South
Aidan Kemp  Senior  Midfielder  Lawrence Free State
Suyash Kumar  Senior  Midfielder  Lawrence Free State
Ashton Madoumba  Senior  Defender  Gardner Edgerton
Jacob Mercado  Sophomore  Defender  Shawnee Mission North
Armin Mesa Torres  Senior  Forward  Shawnee Mission West
Bryan Moran  Sophomore  Forward  Olathe North
Michael Munoz  Freshman  Forward  Olathe West
Jason Navas  Freshman  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission North
Conor Neusal  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission East
Aiden Nielsen  Senior  Goalkeeper  Olathe West
Merek Ortiz  Senior  Defender  Olathe North
Carlos Pavan-Villeda  Senior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission South
Caden Pfeil  Junior  Defender  Olathe East
Grant Prettijohn  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe East
Patrick Sandefur  Freshman  Midfielder  Lawrence
Nick Schrag  Sophomore  Forward  Mill Valley
Tate Sebghatti  Senior  Defender  Olathe West
Willan Shrock  Senior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission East
Talis Sics  Junior  Midfielder  Olathe Northwest
Asher Sikes  Sophomore  Midfielder  Lawrence
Aung Swe  Sophomore  Forward  Gardner Edgerton
Lucas Taitt  Junior  Midfielder  Shawnee Mission Northwest
Max Terranova  Senior  Defender  Olathe East
Dylan Traudt  Senior  Midfielder  Olathe South
Amare Wilcox  Senior  Defender  Gardner Edgerton
Tanner Willis  Senior  Defender  Olathe South


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