The Sunflower League recently made their 2023-24 All League Boys Basketball Selections. Congratulations to following student-athletes!

Player of the Year: Zaxton King, Senior, Lawrence

Sophomore of the Year: Ethan Taylor, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission Northwest

Freshman of the Year: Colton Nichols, Freshman, Olathe West

Coach of the Year: David Birch, Shawnee Mission Northwest 

First Team All Sunflower League:
Nic Anderson, Junior, Olathe South
Micah Deaver, Senior, Olathe East
Carter Kaifes, Junior, Mill Valley
Zaxton King, Senior, Lawrence
Ethan Taylor, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Keaton Wagler, Junior, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Jaalan Watson, Junior, Olathe North

Second Team All Sunflower League: 
Brady Collar, Junior, Olathe West
Van Collins, Junior, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Matthew Corrales, Senior, Olathe South
Drake Debaun, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission South
Abdoulaye Kante, Senior, Shawnee Mission East
JJ Lee, Junior, Olathe Northwest
Teddy Saylor, Senior, Shawnee Mission East

Third Team All Sunflower League:
Madut Bol, Senior, Olathe West
Aiden Bruce, Senior, Olathe North
Jackson Collins, Senior, Olathe West
Colton Hawkinson, Senior, Gardner Edgerton
Mason Kemp, Senior, Mill Valley
Gavin Popik, Sophomore, Olathe Northwest
Sherron Woodberry, Junior, Olathe West

Honorable Mention All Sunflower League:
Malachi Parks, Gardner Edgerton
Cooper Williams, Gardner Edgerton
Gordon Fineday, Lawrence
Josh Galbreth, Lawrence
Edward Roman Nose, Lawrence
Wesley Edison, Lawrence Free State
Dash Johnson, Lawrence Free State
JaKhai Carter, Mill Valley
Reece Riedel, Mill Valley
Jordan Blake, Olathe East
Carter Gooding, Olathe East
Derrick Cooper, Olathe North
Cam Love, Olathe North
Eli Madden, Olathe North
TJ Porter, Olathe North
Sam Simmons, Olathe North
Logan Burnett, Olathe Northwest
Caden Campbell, Olathe Northwest
Merak Greinert, Olathe Northwest
Jordan Mason, Olathe South
Austin O’Gorman, Olathe South
Colton Nichols, Olathe West
Carter Stuck, Olathe West
Will Beck, Shawnee Mission East
Black Hanson, Shawnee Mission East
Alex Casares, Shawnee Mission North
Dailan Homan, Shawnee Mission North
Aziz Jagne, Shawnee Mission North
Deven Bolton, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Vince Nixon, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Aiven Riley, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Tyler Salmon, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Calan Gregory, Shawnee Mission South
Conor Kerrigan, Shawnee Mission South
Max McKenna, Shawnee Mission South
Ayden Nash, Shawnee Mission West