The Sunflower League recently made their 2023-24 All League Selections. Congratulations to following student-athletes!

Player of the Year: Abigail Long, Senior, Shawnee Mission East

Defensive Player of the Year: Camryn Smith, Senior, Shawnee Mission South

Coach of the Year: Rick Rhoades, Olathe West 

First Team All Sunflower League:
Abigail Long, Senior, Shawnee Mission East
Emma Sales, Junior, Olathe West
Zai Funches, Senior, Shawnee Mission South
Camryn Smith, Senior, Shawnee Mission South
Asia Lee, Sophomore, Olathe North
Eve Long, Freshman, Olathe South
Gabriella Jackson, Junior, Shawnee Mission Northwest

Second Team All Sunflower League: 
Izzy Joyce, Senior, Shawnee Mission West
Jillian Huckabey, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Landri Schaffer, Sophomore, Gardner Edgerton
Braylee Rogers, Senior, Olathe East
Joycelyn Moore, Senior, Shawnee Mission South
Ella Anderson, Senior, Olathe South
Jessica Borders, Sophomore, Olathe West

Third Team All Sunflower League:
Brynnae Johnson, Junior, Lawrence
Riley Marshall, Freshman, Mill Valley
Adriana Tetley, Senior, Olathe South
Aaliyah Moss, Senior, Gardner Edgerton
Cami Nauholz, Freshman, Lawrence
Kaitlin Parker, Senior, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Ashley VanElders, Senior, Shawnee Mission South

Honorable Mention All Sunflower League:
Jaiden Jordan, Junior, Gardner Edgerton
Addison Ratley, Senior, Gardner Edgerton
Azura Clark, Senior, Lawrence
Cyrenity Hardy, Senior, Lawrence
Emma Roman Nose, Senior, Lawrence
Anniston Clark, Freshman, Lawrence Free State
Addie Fulscher, Sophomore, Lawrence Free State
Riley Riggs, Freshman, Mill Valley
Corrine Cole, Junior, Olathe East
Bailey Dillon, Senior, Olathe North
Lailah Simmons, Junior, Olathe North
Allie Workman, Junior, Olathe North
Kyra Clark, Sophomore, Olathe Northwest
Emily Fischer, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Taylor Foxworthy, Junior, Olathe Northwest
Hayden Halliday, Freshman, Olathe South
Macy Price, Junior, Olathe South
Hannah Cooley, Senior, Olathe West
Scarlett Swinford, Senior, Olathe West
Emma Thomas, Senior, Olathe West
Lauren McGuire, Senior, Shawnee Mission East
Paige Stanfield, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission East
Ashley Zastrow, Senior, Shawnee Mission East
Nicole Mendez, Junior, Shawnee Mission North
Tamiah Washington, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission North
Haley Wieneke, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission North
Paige Cheffey, Senior, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Ruth Gipson, Freshman, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Laila Berndt, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission South
Ashley Kramer, Freshman, Shawnee Mission South
Morgan Chaiarello, Senior, Shawnee Mission West
Macie Loe, Senior, Shawnee Mission West