Sunflower League Schools competed in the 2023 KSHSAA State Wrestling Tournament at the Park City, Hartman Arena on February 22nd – February 25th. The Sunflower League had nine individual wrestlers win state championships and 57 total wrestlers become state medalist!


Top 10 Team Finishes

  • Olathe Northwest 7th Place
  • Olathe North 8th Place
  • Olathe West 8th Place

Individual Medalists:

100 lb Marissa Brown Olathe West 6th Place

110 lb Stella Segura SMS 3rd Place

115 lb Emmy Keller ONW 5th Place

120 lb Kaylan Hitchcock Olathe North CHAMP

120 lb Ella Weber SMW 3rd Place

130 lb Nicole Redmond Olathe South CHAMP

135 lb Shelby Davis Gardner CHAMP

145 lb Sevyan Donovan SMS 5th Place

155 lb Chloe Harris ONW 3rd Place

155 lb Lany Finazzo Olathe West 5th Place

170 lb Val Galligan ONW 3rd Place

170 lb Akayia Tinsley Olathe East 5th Place

190 lb Makayla Rivera Olathe West 2nd Place

235 lb Hailey Conley Olathe North 2nd Place

235 lb Karen Rodriguez Gardner 4th Place


Top 10 Team Finishes

  • Mill Valley 3rd Place
  • Olathe North 5th Place
  • Lawrence Free State 8th Place
  • Gardner Edgerton 9th Place

Individual Medalists:

106 lb Lou Elsten Lawrence 4th Place

106 lb Roman Clouse Gardner 5th Place

106 lb Drew Streeter LFS 6th Place

113 lb Nolan Bradley LFS 3rd Place

113 lb Blake Samuelson Olathe North 4th Place

113 lb Gabe Sherrell ONW 6th Place

120 lb Aiden Stuart Olathe East 2nd Place

120 lb Kasen Smith Gardner 6th Place

126 lb Dillon Cooper Mill Valley CHAMP

126 lb Andrew Honas Lawrence 4th Place

126 lb Grayson Hagen LFS 5th Place

126 lb Jacob Mendoza SMW 6th Place

132 lb Eddie Hughart Mill Valley 2nd Place

132 lb Ethan Jenkinson SME 4th Place

138 lb Cael Alderman Olathe North CHAMP

138 lb Maddox Cassella Mill Valley 3rd Place

138 lb Reese Russman Olathe West 6th Place

144 lb Eric Streeter LFS CHAMP

144 lb Noah Conover ONW 3rd Place

144 lb Alonzo Borjas Gardner 4th Place

144 lb Brady Mason Mill Valley 5th Place

144 lb Ender Rider Olathe East 6th Place

150 lb Collin McAlister Mill Valley CHAMP

150 lb Trevor Vasquez Olathe North 3rd Place

150 lb Therron Meade Gardner 6th Place

157 lb Alec Samuelson Olathe North 2nd Place

157 lb Adam Hageman SMNW 3rd Place

157 lb Zaine Mayfield Gardner 6th Place

165 lb Jacob Vasquez Olathe North 2nd Place

165 lb Jackson Matchell SMS 5th Place

165 lb Cooper Novacek Olathe West 6th Place

175 lb Ty Hammers Gardner 3rd Place

175 lb Vance Provost Olathe North 5th Place

175 lb Sam Imes Mill Valley 6th Place

190 lb Lucas Hageman SMNW 3rd Place

190 lb Trystan Duckworth ONW 4th Place

190 lb Michael Costello Olathe East 6th Place

215 lb Matthew Marcum LFS CHAMP

215 lb Lucas Conover ONW 2nd Place

215 lb Christopher Wash Jr. Mill Valley 5th Place

285 lb Brett Carroll Olathe East CHAMP

285 lb Luke Clayton SME 5th Place

Congratulations to all schools and wrestlers on their performances at the 2023 State Wrestling Tournament!

Photo Credits: Mac Moore, Clint McAlister, Mike Wolgast, Sports In Kansas, and @Furious.