The Sunflower League recently compiled the 2022-23 All Sunflower League Boys Basketball selections. Congratulations to the following individuals for receiving All League Honors!

Player of the Year: Zaxton King, Junior, Lawrence
Sophomore of the Year: Carter Kaifes, Sophomore, Mill Valley
Co Freshman of the Year: Drake Debaun, Freshman, Shawnee Mission South
Co Freshman of the Year: Ethan Taylor, Freshman, Shawnee Mission Northwest

1st Team All Sunflower League
Nic Anderson, Sophomore, Olathe South
Carter Kaifes, Sophomore, Mill Valley
Zaxton King, Junior, Lawrence
Harrison Kisling, Senior, Olathe West
Dillon Mong, Senior, Shawnee Mission East
Jaalan Watson, Sophomore, Olathe North
Ben Webb, Senior, Shawnee Mission South

2nd Team All Sunflower League
Micah Deaver, Junior, Olathe East
Mason Kemp, Junior, Mill Valley
Drew Purdy, Senior, Olathe East
Aiden Sullivan, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Malaki Taylor, Senior, Gardner Edgerton
Jalien Thompson, Senior, Lawrence Free State
Keaton Wagler, Sophomore, Shawnee Mission Northwest

3rd Team All Sunflower League
Elson Blanding, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Zeek Brown, Sophomore, Lawrence Free State
Jackson Collins, Junior, Olathe West
Matthew Corrales, Junior, Olathe South
Tyler Jones, Senior, Olathe West
Nen Matlock, Senior, Mill Valley
Malik O’Atis, Senior, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Pierce Ross, Senior, Shawnee Mission West

Honorable Mention All Sunflower League
Nathan Pascarelli, Gardner Edgerton
Jaylon Case, Lawrence
Will Leuschen, Lawrence
Kenton Simmons, Lawrence
Wesley Edison, Lawrence Free State
Dash Johnson, Lawrence Free State
Jameson Fisher, Mill Valley
Tyson Grimes, Olathe East
Dakota Marshall, Olathe East
Devin Schmitt, Olathe East
Aidan Bruce, Olathe North
Cam Love, Olathe North
Josh Parrish, Olathe North
TJ Porter, Olathe North
Isiah Cull, Olathe Northwest
Merek Greinert, Olathe Northwest
Kanye Montgomery, Olathe Northwest
Tucker Armstrong, Olathe South
Gage Hollenbeck, Olathe South
Josiah Polynice, Olathe South
Thatcher Ahlers, Olathe West
Sheron Woodberry, Olathe West
Wyatt Wynn, Olathe West
Spencer Blacketer, Shawnee Mission East
George Kopp, Shawnee Mission East
Teddy Saylor, Shawnee Mission East
Randall Boldridge, Shawnee Mission North
Aziz Jagne, Shawnee Mission North
Van Collins, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Aiven Riley, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Ethan Taylor, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Daniel Burns, Shawnee Mission South
Drake Debaun, Shawnee Mission South
Jadon Sautter, Shawnee Mission South
Jakhai Carter, Shawnee Mission West
Zeph Clarck, Shawnee Mission West
Jayse Boatright, Shawnee Mission West