Congratulations to Shawnee Mission East on claiming the 2023 Sunflower League Boys Golf Championship. The Sunflower League Golf Championship is played over three rounds at three different courses and throughout three different dates in the season. Shawnee Mission East took 1st place at both the 1st and 2nd Rounds, and then took xx at the 3rd round. The Lancer’s three round final team score of 906 put them in first place overall. Shawnee Mission East Golfer Thomas Gogel was also the Individual Sunflower League Champion.

Round 1: Sunflower Hills Golf Course, April 10th
Individual Tournament Champion: Ben Slicker, Shawnee Mission East: 70
Complete Individual Standings
Teams Results:
1st: Shawnee Mission East: 294
2nd: Olathe West: 303
3rd: Olathe Northwest: 304
4th: Olathe South: 305
5th: Shawnee Mission South: 317
6th: Lawrence Free State: 324
7th: Olathe East: 328
8th: Mill Valley: 333
9th: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 337
10th: Lawrence: 339
11th: Gardner Edgerton: 352
12th: Olathe North: 356
13th: Shawnee Mission North: 383
Shawnee Mission West: No team score

Round 2: Falcon Ridge Golf Course, April 17th
Individual Tournament Champion: Thomas Gogel, Shawnee Mission East: 68
Complete Individual Standings
Team Results:
1st: Shawnee Mission East: 290
2nd: Olathe Northwest: 303
3rd: Olathe West: 314
4th: Olathe East: 315
5th: Olathe South: 324
6th: Shawnee Mission South: 329
7th: Lawrence Free State: 333
8th: Mill Valley: 338
9th: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 338
10th: Lawrence: 340
11th: Gardner Edgerton: 351
12th: Olathe North: 366
13th: Shawnee Mission North: 408
14th: Shawnee Mission West: No team score

Round 3: Lawrence Country Club, May 1st
Individual Tournament Champion: Bennett Warren, Olathe West: 74
Complete Individual Standings
Team Results:
1st: Olathe West: 310
2nd: Shawnee Mission East: 322
T 3rd: Shawnee Mission South: 332
T 3rd: Lawrence Free State: 332
5th: Olathe Northwest: 335
6th: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 336
7th: Olathe East: 337
8th: Mill Valley: 340
9th: Olathe South: 347
10th: Olathe North: 351
11th: Lawrence: 354
12th: Gardner Edgerton: 372
13th: Shawnee Mission North: 388
Shawnee Mission West: No team score

Final Sunflower League Team Standings: 
1st: Shawnee Mission East: 906
2nd: Olathe West: 927
3rd: Olathe Northwest: 942
4th: Shawnee Mission South: 961
5th: Olathe South: 976
6th: Olathe East: 980
7th: Lawrence Free State: 989
T 8th: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 1,011
T 8th: Mill Valley: 1,011
10th: Lawrence: 1,033
11th: Olathe North: 1,073
12th: Gardner Edgerton: 1,075
13th: Shawnee Mission North: 1,179
Shawnee Mission West: No team score as 4 golfers did not participate in each of the rounds.

Top 10 Sunflower League Individual Placers: 
1st: Thomas Gogel, Shawnee Mission East: 222 (Sunflower League Champion)
2nd: Ben Slicker, Shawnee Mission East: 225
3rd: Gavin Dines, Olathe Northwest: 230
4th: Myles Tarvin, Olathe West: 231
T 5th: Wylie Curtis, Shawnee Mission East: 232
T 5th: Tyler Strong, Olathe South: 232
T 5th: Cooper Newkirk, Shawnee Mission Northwest: 232
T8th: Jake Conley, Olathe Northwest: 233
T8th: Bennett Warren, Olathe West: 233
T8th: Nick Nickloy, Olathe West: 233
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