The 2023 Sunflower League Baseball season was a competitive season in which three schools shared the League Championship. Congratulations to Olathe East, Olathe North, and Olathe South who all finished 9-4 in Sunflower League play and share the title of 2023 Sunflower League Baseball Champions!

Final Sunflower League Baseball Standings for 2023:

T 1st Place: Olathe East: 9-4
T 1st Place: Olathe North: 9-4
T 1st Place: Olathe South: 9-4
T 4th Place: Lawrence Free State: 8-5
T 4th Place: Shawnee Mission East: 8-5
T 6th Place: Mill Valley: 7-6
T 6th Place: Olathe Northwest: 7-6
T 8th Place: Gardner Edgerton: 6-7
T 8th Place: Lawrence: 6-7
T 8th Place: Shawnee Mission West: 6-7
T 11th Place: Olathe West: 5-8
T 11th Place: Shawnee Mission South: 5-8
13th Place: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 4-9
14th Place: Shawnee Mission North: 2-11