The Sunflower League recently named the following individuals to the 2023 All Sunflower League Girls Soccer Team!

Forward of the Year: Ashley Koch, Shawnee Mission East

Midfielder of the Year: Lily Hendrickson, Olathe West

Defender of the Year: Olivia Page, Mill Valley

Goalkeeper of the Year: Grace Hastert, Shawnee Mission East

Coach of the Year: Jamie Kelly, Shawnee Mission East

Official of the Year: Gordie Wetmore III

1st Team All Sunflower League
Ashley Koch, Senior, Forward, Shawnee Mission East
Reese Birch, Senior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission East
Natalie Scobie, Freshman, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission East
Cate Holzbeierlein, Senior, Defender, Shawnee Mission East
Grace Hastert, Senior Goalkeeper, Shawnee Mission East
Olivia Page, Senior, Defender, Mill Valley
Gracie Knight, Senior, Defender, Mill Valley
Laney Reishus, Senior, Midfielder, Mill Valley
Kate Ricker, Junior, Midfielder, Mill Valley
Mimi Hallier, Senior, Forward, Olathe Northwest
Aspen Patterson, Senior, Midfielder, Olathe Northwest
Keaton Coad, Senior, Midfielder, Olathe Northwest
Cami Abendroth, Junior, Defender, Olathe Northwest
Kira Stambaugh, Senior, Defender, Olathe West
Lily Hendrickson, Senior, Midfielder, Olathe West
Aubree Blackman, Senior, Defender, Olathe West
Ava Smith, Senior, Defender, Shawnee Mission South
Harper Larson, Senior, Goalkeeper, Shawnee Mission South
Mariana Campos, Junior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission South
Danielle Desmarteau, Senior, Defender, Olathe South
Kamryn Cole, Freshman, Midfielder, Olathe South
Alyvia Engleken, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe South
Amaya Bible, Senior, Forward, Olathe East
Hayes Fitzgerald, Senior, Goalkeeper, Olathe East
Brenley Cunningham, Senior, Forward, Gardner Edgerton
Achaia Day, Senior, Forward, Olathe North
Samantha Lockett, Senior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Tatum Swanwick, Senior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission West
Maya Wallace, Senior, Forward, Shawnee Mission North

2nd Team All Sunflower League
Addison Stover, Freshman Forward, Shawnee Mission East
Margot Beaver, Junior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission East
Kenna Harrington, Junior, Defender, Shawnee Mission East
Kate Lucas, Freshman, Defender, Shawnee Mission East
Acacia Weis, Senior, Midfielder, Mill Valley
Shelby Kindt, Junior, Forward, Mill Valley
Brooke Bellehumeur, Junior, Forward, Mill Valley
Julia Coacher, Junior, Forward, Mill Valley
Sydney Schnarr, Senior, Goalkeeper, Olathe Northwest
Mia Klopfenstine, Junior Midfielder, Olathe Northwest
Alexa Regas, Freshman, Defender, Olathe Northwest
Livy Spurgeon, Senior, Defender, Olathe Northwest
Emma Thomas, Junior, Goalkeeper, Olathe West
Jules Wardlaw, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe West
Avery Brown, Senior, Defender, Olathe West
Maryn Clement, Sophomore, Forward, Shawnee Mission South
Grace Bagby, Senior, Forward, Shawnee Mission South
Rowen Carson, Sophomore, Defender, Shawnee Mission South
Habiba Lamrani, Freshman, Forward, Olathe South
Jessie Hurlbutt, Senior Midfielder, Olathe South
Jalisa Nathaniel, Senior, Defender, Olathe South
Gabbie Armenta, Sophomore, Defender, Olathe East
Caitlyn Toubia, Junior, Midfielder, Olathe East
Mackenzie Ralston, Junior, Defender, Gardner Edgerton
Lily Marshall, Junior, Midfielder, Gardner Edgerton
Jobi Smith, Junior, Defender, Olathe North
Katie Stoskopf, Senior, Goalkeeper, Olathe North
Keaton Blount, Senior Defender, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Ella Voos, Senior, Forward, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Izzy Joyce, Junior, Forward, Shawnee Mission West
Jordyn Swanson, Senior, Defender, Shawnee Mission West
Iliana Garcia, Junior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission North
Lidia Mojica, Senior, Defender, Shawnee Mission North
Cree Stewart, Senior, Goalkeeper, Lawrence
Stella Comparato, Freshman, Midfielder, Lawrence
Ella McCleary, Senior, Defender, Lawrence Free State

Honorable Mention All Sunflower League
Sophia Beedle, Sophomore, Forward, Shawnee Mission East
Sophia Danker, Freshman, Defender, Shawnee Mission East
Taylor Modricin, Senior, Defender, Mill Valley
Jamie Ricker, Freshman, Goalkeeper, Mill Valley
Hadley Lockhart, Senior, Forward, Mill Valley
Ava Patterson, Sophomore, Defender, Olathe Northwest
Ceclia Oxenford, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe Northwest
Ruby Wexler, Sophomore, Forward, Olathe Northwest
Joree Houdshell, Sophomore, Goalkeeper, Olathe West
Gianna De Cicco, Senior, Forward, Olathe West
Kaiya Rickard, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe West
Nico Moore, Sophomore, Defender, Shawnee Mission South
Sofia Patino, Senior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission South
Sophie Spoonmoore, Freshman, Defender, Shawnee Mission South
Breigh Bigelow, Senior, Defender, Olathe South
Gabriella Landshut, Junior, Goalkeeper, Olathe South
Taylor Nielson, Sophomore, Defender, Olathe South
Braylee Rogers, Junior, Forward, Olathe East
Hannah Lavender, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe East
Kathryn Pronske, Sophomore, Defender, Olathe East
Abri Leiker, Senior, Forward, Gardner Edgerton
Emmy Holle, Sophomore, Midfielder, Gardner Edgerton
Addy Holle, Sophomore, Goalkeeper, Gardner Edgerton
Kaylan Hitchcock, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe North
Erin Rottinghaus, Sophomore, Forward, Olathe North
Allie Workman, Sophomore, Midfielder, Olathe North
Cassie Cain, Junior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Ella King, Junior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Elizabeth Lockett, Sophomore, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission Northwest
Kristen Wright, Senior, Forward, Shawnee Mission West
Isabelle Royer, Freshman, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission West
Maddox Fergus, Senior, Goalkeeper, Shawnee Mission West
Libby Cramer, Sophomore, Defender, Shawnee Mission North
Abigail Wedding, Junior, Defender, Shawnee Mission North
Serenity Scharenberg, Junior, Midfielder, Shawnee Mission North
Megan Derby, Junior, Defender, Lawrence
Elise Rathmel, Sophomore, Forward, Lawrence
Avery Bird, Sophomore, Midfielder, Lawrence
Kate Foust, Junior, Midfielder, Lawrence Free State
Amelia Wiles, Sophomore, Defender, Lawrence Free State
Shelby Roberts, Junior, Midfielder, Lawrence Free State

2023 All Sunflower League Girls Soccer

Photo Credits: 
Olivia Page: Rick Peterson, KSHSAA Covered
Grace Hastert: Ryan Dehan, SME Harbinger