The Sunflower League held the 2023 Gymnastics Championships on Saturday, September 23rd.

Congratulations to the Olathe North Eagles on claiming the 2023 Sunflower League Gymnastics Championship!

Team Results:

1st Place: Olathe North: 105.10

2nd Place: Olathe West: 102.25

3rd Place: Olathe East: 101.375

4th Place: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 101.125

5th Place: Lawrence: 99.625

6th Place: Lawrence Free State: 95.40

7th Place: Olathe South: 92.725

All Around Top 5:

1st Place: Emmy Keller, Olathe Northwest: 37.20

2nd Place: Lainey Palmer, Olathe East: 35.975

3rd Place: Hannah Jensen, Olathe North: 35.375

4th Place: Lindsey Ray, Olathe North: 35.125

5th Place: Lindsay Sinclair, Shawnee Mission Northwest: 34.80

Complete results can be found here: 2023 Sunflower League Gymnastics 2023 Sunflower League Gymnastics