The 2023 Sunflower League Girls Golf Championships concluded on Monday, October 2nd. The League Championship consists of 3 Rounds of Golf throughout the regular season. There were Sunflower League schools who completed the 3 rounds to be considered part of the championship series.

Congratulations to the Olathe Northwest Ravens on finishing in 1st place and claiming the 2023 Sunflower League Championship!

Team Results:

1st Place: Olathe Northwest: 925

2nd Place: Shawnee Mission East: 964

3rd Place: Olathe East: 990

4th Place: Olathe West: 1031

5th Place: Mill Valley: 1084

6th Place: Olathe South: 1155

7th Place: Lawrence Free State: 1247

8th Place: Shawnee Mission South: 1273

Individual Results (top 20)

1st Team All Sunflower League – Top 6 and ties (1-6)
2nd Team All Sunflower League – Next 6 and ties (7-12)
Honorable Mention All League – Next 8 and ties (13-20)

1st Place: Ella Slicker, Shawnee Mission East: 216

2nd Place: Savannah Cagle, Olathe West: 217

3rd Place: Jenny Sun, Olathe East: 227

4th Place: Avery Hearshman, Olathe Northwest: 230

5th Place: McKenzie Kelso, Olathe Northwest: 230

6th Place: Claire Sullivan, Olathe Northwest: 232

7th Place: Julia Beveridge, Olathe Northwest: 233

8th Place: Addie McKenna, Olathe East: 237

9th Place: Caroline Parks, Olathe South: 243

10th Place: Ingrid Blacketer, Shawnee Mission East: 245

11th Place: Addy Sullivan, Shawnee Mission East: 256

12th Place: Georgia Boyd, Shawnee Mission East: 257

13th Place: Faith Grecian, Shawnee Mission East: 260

14th Place: Reese Pritchard, Olathe East: 261

15th Place: Lauren Luecke, Olathe West: 263

16th Place: Reese Armstrong, Olathe East: 265

17th Place: Sophie Van Inwegen, Mill Valley: 268

18th Place: Sydney Epperson, Mill Valley: 268

19th Place: Kathryn Yockey, Mill Valley: 269

20th Place: Natalie Hohman, Shawnee Mission South: 270