The 2023 Sunflower League Volleyball regular season has concluded and three schools find themselves tied amongst the 1st place slot.

Congratulations to Olathe Northwest, Mill Valley and Olathe West for being Tri Sunflower League Champions for the 2023 Volleyball Season.

Overal Standings:

1st Place: Olathe Northwest: 12-1

1st Place: Mill Valley: 12-1

1st Place: Olathe West: 12-1

4th Place: Olathe East: 9-4

4th Place: Lawrence: 9-4

6th Place: Shawnee Mission East: 8-5

6th Place: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 8-5

8th Place: Olathe South: 7-6

9th Place: Lawrence Free State: 5-8

10th Place: Gardner Edgerton: 4-9

11th Place: Olathe North: 3-10

12th Place: Shawnee Mission South: 2-11

13th Place: Shawnee Mission West: 1-12

14th Place: Shawnee Mission North: 0-13