The Sunflower League Boys Wrestling Championships were held at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School on Saturday, February 3rd.

Congratulations to the Mill Valley Jaguars on claiming the 2024 Sunflower League Boys Wrestling Championship!

Coach of the Year: Joey Lazor: Mill Valley High School

Wrestler of the Year: Colin McAlister: Mill Valley High School

Team Standings:

1st: Mill Valley: 274
2nd: Olathe North: 157
3rd: Olathe South: 156
4th: Gardner Edgerton: 151
5th: Olathe East: 132.5
6th: Lawrence Free State: 131
7th: Olathe West: 121.5
8th: Olathe Northwest: 110.5
9th: Lawrence: 106.5
10th: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 106
11th: Shawnee Mission South: 63
12th: Shawnee Mission East: 42
13th: Shawnee Mission North: 11
14th: Shawnee Mission West: 8

Individual Weight Class Champions:

106lbs: Jeremy Nilges: Mill Valley
113lbs: Gabe Sherrell: Olathe Northwest
120lbs: Robert Hickman: Mill Valley
126lbs: Maddox Casella: Mill Valley
132lbs: Andrew Honas: Lawrence
138lbs: Dillon Cooper: Mill Valley
144lbs: Kasen Smith: Gardner Edgerton
150lbs: Brady Mason: Mill Valley
157lbs: Ender Rider: Olathe East
165lbs: Colin McAlister: Mill Valley
175lbs: Adam Hageman: Shawnee Mission Northwest
190lbs: Caleb Sharp: Olathe Northwest
215lbs: Christopher Walsh Jr.: Mill Valley
285lbs: Brett Carroll: Olathe East