The Sunflower League Girls Wrestling Championships were held at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School on Saturday, February 3rd.

Congratulations to the Gardner Edgerton Trailblazers on claiming the 2024 Sunflower League Girls Wrestling Championship!

Coach of the Year: Tyler Cordts: Gardner Edgerton High School

Wrestlers of the Year: Hailey Conley and Kaylan Hitchcock: Both from Olathe North High School

Team Standings:

1st: Gardner Edgerton: 180
2nd: Olathe North: 168
3rd: Olathe Northwest: 160
4th: Shawnee Mission Northwest: 138
5th: Olathe West: 121
6th: Olathe South: 113
7th: Shawnee Mission South: 80
8th: Mill Valley: 77
9th: Lawrence: 50
10th: Shawnee Mission East: 49.5
11th: Lawrence Free State: 47
12th: Olathe East: 46
13th: Shawnee Mission West: 40
14th: Shawnee Mission North: 18

Individual Weight Class Champions:

100lbs: Madalyn Riedenger: Gardner Edgerton
105lbs: Calla Hardison: Shawnee Mission Northwest
110lbs: Camryn West: Olathe Northwest
115lbs: Stella Segura: Shawnee Mission South
120lbs: Nicole Redman: Olathe South
125lbs: Mia Butler: Shawnee Mission Northwest
130lbs: Jadyn Clouse: Gardner Edgerton
135lbs: Kaylan Hitchcock: Olathe North
140lbs: Hailey Arthur: Olathe Northwest
145lbs: Sevyn Donovan: Shawnee Mission South
155lbs: Justince Thomas: Olathe South
170lbs: Chloe Harris: Olathe Northwest
190lbs: Val Galligan: Olathe Northwest
235lbs: Hailey Conley: Olathe North